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Stored fat cells are the source of future energy, a unique trait that has helped our ancestors survive long cold winters, and times of depleted food sources. This survival trait is not as beneficial as it once was and often works against us in our fight to lose weight.

The L-carnitine Plus formula essentially allows your body to burn fat in the most efficient way possible, without changing your diet or exercise routine. The two key ingredients that make this possible are L-carnitine and Green Coffee Bean.

How It Works...

L-carnitine- affects the body by transporting chains of fatty acids into the mitochondrial matrix, allowing fat cells to be broken down and used for energy.

Green Coffee Bean- allows your body to use stored fat as its primary energy
source, rather than glycogen produced by the liver. This process allows your
body to utilize stored fat cells for energy.

The combination of our two key ingredients gives your body the platform
to drop weight quickly and easily!

L-carnitine Plus uses two central ingredients within its formula that have been found to have many health benefits, specifically in weight loss and promoting healthy fat metabolism.
L-carnitine Plus™
L-carnitine Plus™

You're Working Out, You're Eating Right, You Still Have Not Lost Weight!

Many have set weight loss goals and not reached them, even though they have changed their diet and increased exercise. How does this happen? Research shows that a deficiency in L-carnitine and inefficient fat metabolism may be to blame.

A deficiency in L-carnitine can mean your body is storing fat, not burning it, leaving you with a lack of energy and excess fat. Similarly, our body may not be utilizing stored fat cells to create energy, this inefficiency in fat metabolism can cause extreme difficulties in losing weight.

L-carnitine as well as Green Coffee Bean supplementation has been used for weight loss, increasing lean muscle mass, increasing energy, and improved exercise performance.
"I am 23 years old, and needed to do something about my weight. Three months ago I really started watching what I eat and worked out hard at least 4 times a week, however i did not see a decrease in my weight and i was very discouraged. I have even gone to the lengths of getting a personal trainer and still nothing. I started taking L-carnitine Plus one month ago and and am down 15 pounds. I changed nothing else in my diet and exercise. Can't wait for my next weigh in!"
"I have always been skeptical about weight loss products, there seems to be an endless amount of them and all claim to be the best. I am a mother of four with a 40 plus hour a week job and have very little time to exercise. The most physical activity I get is from chasing the kids! A friend recommended taking Green Bean Coffee. When researching products online I found L-carnitine Plus and was surprised at the mix of both L-carnitine and Green Bean Coffee, two fat burners in one one product. For the price I had to try it and was glad I did. I'm down 10 pounds in three weeks! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight."
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This ingredient is naturally produced by the body as a result of synthesis of two essential amino acids, lysine and methoinine. L-carnitine's effect the body is to transport chains of fatty acids into the mitochondrial matrix, allowing fat cells to be broken down and used for energy.

Green Coffee Bean

This ingredient contains high concentrations of chlorogenic acids that are known to influence glucose and fat metabolism. It tells the body to burn stored fat cells rather than glucose from the liver, allowing the body to lose weight.

L-carnitine Plus for...

Weight Loss - L-carnitine transports fatty acids into mitochondria, where it breaks down and pulls energy from fat. Green Coffee Bean has a similar fat burning effect. Contained within Green Coffee Bean is chlorogenic acid, which helps the body convert stored fat into energy, rather than use glucose created by the liver.

Energy - L-carnitine & Green Coffee Bean, both ingredients within the L-carnitine Plus formula, helps the body use fat as energy. When the body does not have enough glucose to convert into energy, it turns to stored fat for the energy it needs. Chlorogenic acid, found within Green Coffee Bean, restricts glucose production in the liver, giving your body no other choice than to convert stored fat into energy.

Lean Muscle Mass - L-carnitine & Green Coffee Bean support healthy fat metabolism. Lowering body fat percentage along with exercise promotes lean muscle gains.

Improved Performance - Stringent exercise is often met with a lack of energy and the onset of fatigue. L-carnitine as well as Green Coffee Bean helps promote increased energy and endurance by way of improving fat metabolism.
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